Saturday, May 14, 2011


I had some chores to finish up on Saturday but it left the afternoon open for some time on the water. I headed out in the mid-30 degree weather and bundled up. Hitting the water in breathables quickly let me know that things are still warming up around here as it was brisk, even with long underwear as an added layer. I started working the water and on the second cast, BAM, indicator gone, I am into what seems to be a decent fish. I could get glimpses of the fish during the fight and something seemed odd, a bit off with it, but finally he was in the net. Sure enough, this rainbow was a freak. I would guess a whirling disease survivor. The front half of it was beautiful, hefty and rotund. This fish was eating well and looked gorgeous, then you get down to the tail. A deformed mess that didn't match the quality of the head at all. Very strange indeed. I snapped a couple pictures of this beast, dubbed the BizzaroPig, and sent back out to continue making a living dining on whatever it could catch. It was the only fish of the afternoon as I didn't last long in the wind and cold temperatures.

A couple shots of the BizzaroPig. The tail has that broken, bent looking section you often see associated with whirling disease victims. But I haven't ever seen it on a fish this size and seemingly so healthy.

Video of the release

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DP said...

I caught a fish with a similar disfigurement years ago (but not nearly that piggish) and asked a fish and game biologist. He said it was most likely broken from an osprey attack.