Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back In The Saddle

A Saturday trip to one of my favorite slump busting lakes finally got me off the skunk streak and back into trout. That first hookup of the day was a welcomed feeling. Fish were hammering the wooly bugger stripped about as fast as it could be retrieved. I fought the wind for a time in my float tube but finally gave up as the white caps and wind were just too much to handle. As it turned out, the fishing was better from shore anyway. Eric and I were able to work to quite a few browns and later in the day for me, a streak of cutthroat trout to end the evening. The evening bite was all on midges as the wind had settled down and the fish turned up on the nymphing rigs. It was a fun day to be out, the first full sun in a while, and we got to watch a bald eagle working some ducks in the wind. It was neat to see the eagle's strategy for driving and herding them.

A shot from the tube as I was being blown around the lake

My slump busting first brown of the day

Another pretty brown trout on the bugger

Cutthroats started up on the midges as the wind laid down

Eric working the calm water

A very fat, egg filled cutthroat that fought quite well

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