Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1st Trip

My April 1st trip is a tradition I started when I moved to Wyoming.  It is a good day to set the trip clock to and gauge how things are going to shake out for the Spring.  This year we are already well underway with the record high temps melting the ice and getting the season started early.

The winds have been howling and I thought my classic April 1st tradition might not happen this year with the 50 mph gusts.  As early afternoon crept in, I decided to just brave it and go out where I could get the wind at my back.  It paid off as I managed to land three decent fish on the leech and hook up with a few more fighters as well.  The leech was the ticket tonight and the takes were hard hammering lightning strikes up the fly line.

One of the prettiest rainbows of the spring