Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Cast Of The Month

December is here and I was anxious to get on the water. I headed out in search of my ever desirable brown trout quarry. There is a pool I have tried fishing a few times in the past that looks about as fishy as anything on the face of the earth. I have never managed a fish out of it. Today, I almost didn't bother with it but then decided I would start out at that pool and see what it held for me. You never know how things can change. The water was up higher than the past few days and slightly off color as well. On my first cast of the day, two short strips and then instant tension moving around the pool. I had finally found a brown trout hanging out in the depths of this inviting spot. My first fish of the month on my very first cast of the day. That made me warm inside, which I ended up needing as the temperature was dropping rapidly. The sun had hidden behind a quick moving cloud bank cooling things considerably. I had some great action the rest of the day with another brown landed and five or so follows mixed with short strikes. It was great to see the fish very active and interested in the bugger today. I think the cloud cover and the off color water both helped with the conditions.

First trout of December

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Brandon said...

Nice job! December 1st fish on first cast! Lucky bastard - wish I could find time to make it out!