Friday, December 4, 2009

Finding The Kokanee

Fly fishing on Friday was not an easy task. Darren and I had planned a trip and were determined to hit the water, no matter what mother nature delivered. Our arrival in the parking area with -3 degree weather was not what either of us had in mind.

We pushed on through the cold morning and got on the river, anxiously anticipating the sun cresting into the canyon and the warmth it would surely bring. The fish were cooperative from the start. Darren was immediately into some rainbows and a kokanee. He knows this river well and the lie and structure of every hole and bend here.

I somehow managed to sweep the floor of the river clean by catching what seemed like every white sucker within a 10 mile radius. Fighting the constantly icy guides on the rod became second nature. It was no secret to Darren that I really wanted to try to get into some kokanee. So, I went over to the bugger knowing full well that I would have to de-ice more often, but hoping for a salmon payoff. My first fish on the bugger was certainly not what I expected. I had flanked a big carp that had to be on its last legs. He was all beat up and very lethargic.

The bugger did finally work as intended with some of the salmon getting aggressive enough to take it.

I decided to stick with the bugger throughout the day, as it was taking some rainbows as well. This paid off nicely as Darren was expertly working the indicator rig, I could offer something different as we worked down the river and we would both end up taking some decent fish along the way.

Here is Darren conducting a nymphing clinic on a pod of rainbows.

More nice water was around every bend of the river.

Darren took this beautiful brown trout still in its fall spawning colors.

Here is a rainbow that I couldn't resist a photo of with is colors and spotting pattern.

We ended the day with Darren and this nice male kokanee with its amazing teeth and jaw.

The temperatures never got above freezing, but later in the day it felt like a heatwave just to be in the 20's. The cold weather had given the river entirely to us for the majority of the day. A trade off I would willingly make on any trip to have good fishing and good company. Thanks Darren for a tremendous trip on some of your home water. I had a fantastic time.


Casting Around said...

-3, that's devotion! Looks like a good day on the water though.

The Flash said...

Sam, your more than welcome. I'd be glad to fish with you anytime. It's refreshing to meet someone who,like me, can get just as excited for a 10" fish as a 20" fish. Thanks for the hook up with one of Shoe's bobbers.