Sunday, November 15, 2009

Open And Moving

Temperatures were around 15 to 20 degrees and I couldn't stand the thought of not getting out to fish another day. The storm had cooped me up with a little cabin fever setting in. After shoveling the drive and walkways, and realizing there was no wind to speak of, I decided to go hunt out some open water and throw the bugger a while in an attempt to tangle with some brown trout. I took minimal equipment, just a rod and four flies with a clipper and forceps set. There were no tracks in the snow at all with no one else crazy enough to bother fishing in this weather. Surprisingly, the fish were active and I managed one to hand and some other takes and swirls. The little brown I landed was a jewel of bright reds and golds. A nice gift from the stream on a freezing day. I did have to constantly stop and fight the iced up guides but it was worth it. Another wonderful day to spend in the high plains of the west.



Beautiful photo! Sam
Can not believe you already have that much snow up north... great country scene

wyoflyfish said...

Thanks Mark! We need to get you out here someday for some high country FF.