Sunday, November 1, 2009

Big Lakes For Open Water

With every smaller lake up here on the plains iced up from the storm, I headed down to meet up with Mark and Jake to work some big water that was still wide open after the cold front.

Mark had picked up a couple of nice browns before I arrived, but after that it was a long and fruitless day on the big water. I had one brown on a streamer briefly and Mark was having equal trouble finding any fish with the indicator rig. Mark sent along this great picture of me relaxing and enjoying an Old Chub Scottish Ale with my friend Jake.

We opted for a lake move which immediately paid dividends in the form of 14 to 16 inch rainbows and cuttbows.

The last part of the day was action filled with an enjoyable amount of takes and fish to hand.

I got to meet Tangler and his crew briefly in the morning and that was nice to finally catch him out on the water and chat. They had put in an early morning before sunrise and were handsomely rewarded. He should have a blog up about it soon as I got to see some of the great photos they had from the start of the day.


TANGLER said...

YO! Pretty cool running into you out there. Nothing quite like having all that area to yourself, eh? Sorry to hear that the fish kept the lock jaw the rest of the day. None of our moves panned out later on either.

Still some time left before the lid...

Brandon said...

Old Chub spotting! Nice, love that beer!