Friday, October 16, 2009

Weedline Action

I had the day off work and finished up my morning responsibilities around town. With that done, I headed to one of the plains lakes to try a little wade fishing from shore. The water is COLD now, and breathables were not the best choice. It will be toasty neoprenes for any wading from here on out. I took out both a sinking line rod and an indicator set up with a PT and midge. Tried with the sinking line at first and wasnt getting any action on buggers or leeches so over to the indicator I went. It was a little easier with the wind as well, not having to cast as often. The key was pitching it on the outside of the main weedline which got a nice drift right down the edge of the green mass. This was producing good strikes and some nice fish if you could manage to get them through the weeds to land them. I probably landed only half of the fish I hooked. A float tube or pontoon on this lake really is an advantage for landing trout. I did save one rainbow trout for the grill in the evening and it was delicious. When I cleaned the fish it was absolutely stuffed with snails. I need to find a good snail pattern soon.


Zackdog said...

Man, that fish needs to go on a diet.

Chris said...

^ agree. she appears to be quite the glutton.