Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rainy Cutthroats

In to the mountains this evening, a nice night to be out. I watched the temperature drop from the valley floor at 75 degrees to 46 degrees at the parking area to start the walk to the lake. Upon arrival, the rain began and quickly turned to a very cold hail/rain mix. I worked top water with a para adams and did well finding a splake to start the evening and a nice selection of recently added cutthroats. This should bode well for the coming years. They do well at other lakes at this altitude and this one has a lot of depth and surface area. It was nice to see so many of them in here. I watched an osprey take advantage of the bonanza as well smashing a trout in the middle of the rain storm. Moving on later in the evening, I tried to find some brook trout at another lake but the few strikes I had either missed the fly entirely or were too small to take the fly in their mouth. As the temperature dropped I headed out and stopped to watch the resident pair of bull moose for a short while. They have been causing many moose jams this summer as they tend to prefer a particular willow patch right along the road.

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