Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inaugural North Park Trip

Mark and I met up for a pleasant Sunday in North Park. They never received the pounding snow storm the rest of the region did and the trip down and back was easy except for a small amount of ice on the road in the morning.

We worked looking for some cutthroats early in the day. Mark managed one small cutt that had probably been planted this past fall and I couldn't swing any cutties. The rainbows were around however and the fall planted trout were consistently dancing our indicators. We managed a couple better fish throughout the day with Mark landing a 20 incher to top the day. The best days are coming for the north park reservoirs as the high temps this week should really get things going.

Early morning calm

Mark battling away with an ice out trout

Mark with a nicer rainbow

The release

A rare photo of me with a trout thanks to Mark

Mark's nice one of the day

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