Monday, April 20, 2009

First Dry Action Of The Year

I had some time at the end of the evening to spend casting about on a local lake. I blew about 20 minutes messing around with nymphs and picked up one little stocker on a midge, until I noticed the fish were starting to really rise as the sun was dropping in the sky. Switching over to a parachute ant pattern turned it into a strike every cast. The fish I landed were all stocker rainbows about 8 inches long. Quite a hoot to pick up some fish on a dry though for the first time this year. They would chase the stripped fly on the surface repeatedly striking away until you either hooked them or ended up recasting. Not a tremendous challenge, but a great way to spend an hour on the water while tickling your funny bone from the amusing antics of these little fish.

Lake was full and looking good

One of the "little gems"

We are starting to get those pretty spring and summer sunsets too

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