Friday, October 12, 2012

Day With Shoe

We hit the road early and got some good water time in on Friday.  Shoe did well throughout the day hitting some nice browns and had a 3 species day.  I had it rough most of the day with only the one nice snake river cutt landed and had several other fish on but just couldn't seal the deal.  It was fun to get out and fish with the Shoe though. I hadn't seen him since spring and we had as good a time as we always do. 

Here are some shots from the day:

Early morning calm

Shoe with his third or fourth fish already 
Another brown - lake still calm

Shoe fighting in the float tube

22 incher

Snake River Cutt
At the end of the day, we finally got a "little" chop.  Shoe working the white caps.  This was a little before the rains started.  It was already raining in every direction around us.  We called it a day once we both were drenched.

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