Sunday, October 2, 2011

Backwater Rainbows

Eric and I met up at a little lake that is more like a bass fishing experience than any water we normally fish for trout.  There are heavy brush lines, brush piles, and aquatic vegetation-holding flats that we pitch and work with either dries or buggers that you must keep moving or they get completely weed fouled.  The lake is a soup of food for fish and the rainbows here are doing very well for themselves.  It really is nice to fish this lake in the fall as the mosquitoes have died off and you can get some semblance of peace while enjoying this strange bass-like high country water.  I fished a hopper all day here and the rainbows were hammering it without pause.  The float tube really helps to get out past the heavy flooded brush lines and the fish tend to cruise the outer edge of it.  Fishing back to the brush has proven to be the best tactic and give you the best chance at landing the hard fighting bows that reside here.  They are running, jumping, well fed balls of muscle.  It was nice to have a stellar day out after the fishless day before.  Thanks for the meet up Eric and staying on me to get out and hit this gem of a stillwater.
One of the average 16-17 inch rainbows


Eric working past the brush

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