Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beautiful Cutthroats

I went back into the mountains with Eric to look for some more of the brook trout George and I had found on the 4th of July. It turned out that the brookies were still active and we did manage to find some nicer fish up to 16 inches. These were some of the hardest fighting brook trout I can remember battling for quite some time. To top it off we found some beautifully colored cutthroat trout interspersed with the brookies. I was able to add another species for the year with a white sucker taking one of the midges under an indicator. This is the first one I have seen from this lake. The action was consistent all day and we finally packed it in during the afternoon to head back to town.

A cutthroat that was attacked by something, perhaps a giant brown trout (at least that is fun to imagine)

The white sucker finding my species list

Eric working to a concentration of trout

One of the beautiful cutthroat trout that we were finding on the indicator rigs

Big brook trout that put on a big show with some aerial displays

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