Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Start To 2011

I have been wanting to get out and find some water time since the start of the new year but things just haven't lined up well with weather, work, and free time. Today I finally found a few hours in the afternoon to pursue trout on the hard water. The going was slow and first and I couldn't seem to find any fish or even see any down the hole. Water boatman were thick in the lake and were instantly filling the holes right after they were drilled. I have never seen these sorts of number of active boatman in the winter. It was quite astounding and left little question as to what the fish were most likely consuming.

I decided to try a couple pictures of the insect explosion. Macro setting ENGAGE!

In talking to a few other fisherman, the slow action tended to be the general consensus for the day, very few fish even spotted and no one I spoke with had caught anything. I decided to mix it up and get into a much shallower end of the lake. I worked it for a little while with no interest from the fish, but suddenly after having added some heavy action to my jig I managed to land a nice rainbow to start the fishing season off right.

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