Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Trout

Mark has been spending his days dialing in North Park and keeping a furious pace of water time that none of the rest of us are able to really keep up with given our other responsibilities. The picture above is Mark in his perfect element. He lives in and belongs no where else but the mountains. Memorial day seemed like a perfect time to meet up in the search for trout. We got on the water early trying to beat the winds and had about 15 minutes of calm before they arrived. I was able to hook up with a rainbow that shook me at the boat on the first cast, but when the wind came up the bite got quiet. We moved to the west side of the lake to get a break from the wind and this paid off with repeated hook ups and strikes in 15 feet of water. Many fish in the 17 inch year class are present this spring. We also got a few of the younger snake river cutthroats. A couple better fish were found and I managed a 21 inch cuttbow that was quite pretty in its coloring. After lunch, we headed north to some more water in search of larger trout. Patrick, a friend of Mark's, had found a 10 pound horse of a rainbow that morning and had some great photos of the massive beast. That was enough to get us motivated and moving after a leisurely lunch. We never found the monsters but I did pick up a pair of pretty brown trout to round out the day with three different species.

Mark fighting away from the toon

A bad picture of a good 21 inch cuttbow

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Sam... I really need to get into those "lake fishing and toons" it looks so fun! I am guess if the fishing is slow you can just kick around and maybe some beers with friends : ) great report!