Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big Running Water

Adam and I had a wonderful day out on the river to end January. The wind hit us hard but we were able to muddle through and at least get it to our backs for most of the day. The warmth of the sun helped keep the wind chill to a minimum and we spent the day drifting various nymph rigs to the resident rainbow trout. We had a few micro brews with lunch and moved to various spots on the river throughout the day. It was exactly the type of relaxing winter fly fishing we both needed.

I started the day with this rainbow as Adam was just walking down from rigging up

Adam inspecting the river

Another nice wild rainbow

The cliffs at sunset

Adam working in fading light

This fish wrapped up the evening as darkness approached


Shoe said...

You guys suck... Those fish and that water look familiar. Well nice job anyway.


Chris said...

looks like a nice day. didn't know the reef was open down at lusby already. glad you guys were able to take advantage of it, even if the wind was brutal.

tell adam i said hi. he and i learned to tie together several years ago.