Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall In The Air

The cool fall winds were out in force in the high country today making the three weight a challenging choice when presenting flies on the choppy, whitecapped surfaces of the mountain lakes. The trout were a bit hard to come by with a few fish landed among the three of us. Eric had a nice golden trout which was the gem of the day. The cutthroat were looking for moving emergers which kept things interesting. Later, I couldn't find a fish on a reliable brook trout lake where they normally target buggers with enthusiasm. In the end, it didn't matter as the mountains seemed to reward the eyes with beautiful vistas at every lake whether they produced fish or not. It was nice to enjoy the time between lakes, putting hiking boot to trail and feeling the traction of the Danners while taking in the scenery.


Crossbarphoto said...

A bad day fishing beats a good day at the office anyday!

E Dub said...

That Eric guy sounds like a helluva fisherman. Does he have any Master Angler awards?