Sunday, June 28, 2009

High Stream Bonanza

Adam and I had planned a float for Sunday but the flows were still a little higher than we would have liked on the river. It was decided to alternatively head for a high country stream that can present excellent fishing this time of year on the dropping flows. Upon arrival I rigged up with a hopper up top and dropper PT and had a nice rainbow on the second cast. Adam was similarly into fish very early and he was on fire all day. It was amazing to watch him and sometimes I sat down and did just that. It was one of those field days where fish were taking the hopper or dropper all day long. Everywhere you thought was a good lie held fish and they were eating. Browns, rainbows and brook trout were all on the hunt and provided us with a truly blessed day on the water.



This is just awesome! Nothing can beat the high country fishing! If I have to choose only one type of fishing in my life... this is it!

Great photos!

wyoflyfish said...

It was a great day to be in the high country Mark. Let me know if you are ever driving through our area to or from Utah etc. We can wet a line.