Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day Of Many Rainbows

I was able to get on the water at about 11am today and found the lake to be rather hot with consistent rainbow trout on beadhead PTs and midge patterns. The PT started as the hot fly then the midge gradually got better and better, eventually winning out. I never did see any callibaetis coming off but there were a few more damsels around than on Tuesday. It didn't seem to matter as I never had to switch off of my PT/Midge pairing. Almost every fish was in the 16-19 inch range and feisty leaping balls of lake fattened slob trout. At least one coughed up a large amount of snails. They are just gorging on everything in sight. A bit of a storm passed to the east and was cracking lightning but luckily it was pretty far off in the distance. Otherwise, I would have gotten the pontoon out of there. It was a fine way to spend the day, fighting rainbows on the three weight with a couple of Newcastles.


Brandon said...

19 inch fish on a 3 wt? Are you a glutton for punishment!?!?!?

Crossbarphoto said...

Mmmmm...Newcastles! Good choice!

Great pictures Sammy! Looks like a wonderful day on the water.