Monday, June 8, 2009

Greenbelt Highwater

I went and attacked the edges on the greenbelt this evening. The river is over the initial flood level, limiting the amount of open movement I had without waders. The water was not as muddy as I would have expected with a lot more visibility in more of a tannin brown tone than actually being muddy. I rigged up the six weight with a bugger and went cranking along the slack water limits but didn't land any browns. I had one positive strike and saw some mini browns working midges on the surface in a back eddy. I just managed to get in some time on the water between storms. It has been very Seattle like with regards to moisture here in the valley lately. The red winged blackbirds were working hard bringing insects back to their nests. A nice evening to be out in the brief evening sunlight.

Swollen river

Outfit for the evening

End of the trail for me

Upriver view with the next approaching storm


Cutthroat Stalker said...

Weather = "Seattle like" around here too. Very odd for this late in the year. We have probably had rain 70% of the days since May 1. Weird stuff that makes it a little tougher fishing local water. Are you in the Laramie area?

ThomasM said...

Excellent Sammy boy!!


Sweet photos! I feel the river is calling!