Monday, June 22, 2009

High Country Lakes Have Cracked

A quick evening trip to one of my favorite high country lakes found it to be at about 90% open and the trout were on the feed, rising to my first and second casts of the para adams with the third cast finally resulting in a quick rainbow trout to start the evening. A slight chop gave me an advantage early on with the fish taking my larger adams without time to inspect it or worry too much about the size discrepancy between it and the naturals. Later on, the lake laid down flat and calm and all they were interested in were the tiny midges on the surface. I went subsurface with a hot head leech and took a strike or two and another rainbow before heading back down to town for a late dinner. A beautiful evening with the lake all to myself and nothing but the rustling pines to hear with the nippy chill of the high country air felt on my face.

Mountain lakes are finally open

Edge of the final sunlight near the lake

First rainbow to hand

Another nicer rainbow, none are monsters at 11,000 feet

Calm lake as I left for the evening

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