Friday, June 26, 2009

Fishing For Knowledge At The Museum

The university is closing the Geological Museum here due to budget cuts and it has been a hot topic in town. It is one of the more popular attractions for visitors and residents alike. I decided to make a trip over and spend some time taking it in before access to this wonderful resource is either severely restricted or completely non-existent. The hope around town and campus is that the budget crisis will subside and they can resume operations but there is no timeframe or way to predict what or when that will happen. The fossils are world class and specifically focus heavily on Wyoming and the ancient life that filled our region over millions of years past. I am saddened to see it close.

"Big Al" the Allosaurus


Wooly Mammoth

The giant bird


Fossil Fish

Crocodile skull

Sauropod infant

50 million year old gar - fishing large duckling patterns probably would work

Horned Dinosaur


74 million year old crustacean - Crayfish patterns or buggers would have worked :)

Bite marks on the fossilized bone

Finally of course T. Rex

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WHAT.....? What a bummer!!
Jeeezz... those fossils are amazing!
Truly astonish collection... our university has some budget cut as well... but closing a museum is just a sad story... : (