Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Evening On The River - Thanks Ralph

I went out in search of a few trout this evening. The river is down, clearing and fishable. The three weight delivered the royal wulff and a para adams into the current admirably. It also performed well swinging a bugger for a while. Nothing seemed to be going on so I started to watch the water. Eventually some small fish began rising warranting a return to the para adams. This produced some nice drifts in front of these little rascals. I was getting take after take but not many hookups, they were so tiny the few I did hook were flying through the air and off the hook before I could even think about landing them. Finally one came to hand, a pretty little common shiner. Nice to see you my native friend and in a river in which you belong. I snapped some pictures and away he went. Storms to the south dropping lightning strikes, the overhead commotion of a hawk being chased by blackbirds, wildflowers and cacti along the path to the water... it doesn't get much more relaxing than an evening like this. Thanks Ralph Hesson. I hope you were looking down with a smile on some of the joy you created for me tonight.

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