Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guided Trip With Dad

Tetons in the distance

Dad and I had a meet up in Jackson for a few days with the intent of getting out for a day trip with a guide. I had not been on a guided trip before so this was a new experience for me. Initially, we were all set to float the canyon section of the South Fork but as is typical with fishing trips, conditions changed. Flows nearly doubled the day before our scheduled float. A quick alternative was devised and we were off to Yellowstone National Park to enjoy a day fly fishing for mackinaw and brown trout. We went out with Scott Smith as our guide and worked a popular lake and its channel with sinking lines and various streamers and buggers. The day was so enjoyable, we found fish, spotted wildlife, had varying weather from rain to full sun, a nice lunch and dad got some great casting help from Scott as well. Dad and I picked up our first lake trout of the year and both got a respectable brown trout in the mix too. Dad quickly nicknamed his monster headed brown trout "Madame Leech" as she had a few anchored to her. All good things seem to end quickly and as the day waned we headed for the boat ramp and concluded the float. Thanks to Scott for such an excellent time on the water. I can't wait to get back to the Jackson area and spend more time on the local waters.


E Dub said...

Glad you and your dad had such a good day on the water. Macks on the fly are always something special.

Scott C said...

Too bad about the SF plans. But it sounds like you salvaged a nice time anyhow. Jackson.YNP are always nice areas to fish because if the fishing isn't going well, the scenery always is.

-scott c