Saturday, July 4, 2009

Whirlwind Trip On The Fourth

I was up and moving early on the fourth with a starting destination for the day mapped out and ready. Devils Tower was a spectacular start to the morning. I pushed through the fog and overcast from Spearfish into northeastern Wyoming, wondering if I would even get to see the tower. As I turned north the sky opened up and the viewing was beautiful. I walked the Tower Trail around the base of the Bear Lodge as a nice start to the morning. The view of the tower constantly changes as you walk around it with the sun rising and its changing angle of light. Walking 20 feet down the trail seemed to present an entirely new viewpoint. It was nice to take it all in with only a handful of people around this early in the morning. After sitting and contemplating life at the tower for a while I pushed on to my next stop in the Mowry Shale. I searched around for some of the fossil fish scales present in the shale from 95-100 million years ago. At first, I wasn't finding anything but eventually a few began to reveal themselves. Time was short however and I had about 150 miles to cover to get to my afternoon fishing destination and meet up with Adam. We plied the waters of a high country river in the Big Horn range and found some nice cutthroat trout. Adam also managed some rainbows and browns to round out the evening. A storm chased us off but we were thrilled with the outcome. Capping the day with a 1554 black ale, we got some sleep in preparation for the next day of weekend adventure.

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