Saturday, July 11, 2009

Into The Gulch

Adam and I got everything in the SUV and headed out to meet up with Eric who made the trip over from Utah for a weekend in the wilderness area. Flows were at a decent level for fishing and the water clarity was beautiful. We found Eric at the top of the access road with his truck up on a jack. He had managed to put a small hole in his gas tank with a loose leaf spring. Resourceful as ever, he McGyver'ed up a patch from chewing gum in the truck and we all went down the access in Adam's rig. We hiked into the wilderness area and got camp set up to get started with the fishing. Wet wading all weekend in the crisp river was a treat. Some nice browns and rainbows wer found in all the typical lies with fish coming up to smash stimulators on the surface being the preferred method of take. There were bugs coming off everywhere. Stoneflies, caddis, brown and green drakes, and PMDs. It was an amazing insect show and had the fish looking up. Everything in the canyon was flowering and it made for the perfect backdrop for a backcountry fishing trip. That evening, a backcountry brewfest was conducted since we were missing the brewfest in town. A decent selection of beer managed to be packed into the wilderness consisting of Old Chub, Spaten Munich Optimator, and Sierra's Summerfest Lager.

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