Monday, July 6, 2009

Drift Boat River Trip - Day 1

Adam, Christine, and I got over the hill and managed to float the river with great success in the high off color water. The area rains had gotten flows up above what we would typically think of as "good". The trout were hungry however and we fed them a steady diet of stripped streamers and buggers. Adam's drift boat made things nice and easy with good handling and plenty of space to work out of the boat. With the fish tucked in tight to the banks, we bombed the banks and got some vicious strikes and hook ups from big trout. I actually landed my best rainbow from this stretch ever on the first fish of the day. Adam had a brute brown trout as well and I followed later on with another sizable brown. Christine found her first fish of the year today as well which was a ton of fun to watch. After floating, we had dinner in town and moved upstream to a remote camp spot to set up for the night and be ready to hit the river early the next morning. We watched the International Space Station pass over from camp with the trailing Russian Progress spacecraft following up behind the ISS. Adam did some fire tricks on film for me as we drank a few Trippels and then retired for the early launch on Tuesday.

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