Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Muddy Sunday

A long drive to start the day, I arrived at the river hoping for some good fishing. It was a roiled muddy mess with the best water up at the dam. I talked to some locals and they said big storms had pummeled the area on Friday and Saturday with some actual flooding in Casper. I tried swinging some big stuff up at the dam a while and after finding nothing moved on to Alcova to search for some invertebrate fossils on the BLM side and hiked up a creek bed for a little while. I found a few scattered examples of belemnites and a pelecypod but didn't really understand the topography until I did the Cottonwood Creek Dinosaur Trail hike across the other side of the reservoir. That really reveals the way the uplift occurred and the different layers of time and at what levels they reside in the surrounding landscape. Plenty of viewable pelecypods on the trail as any collecting is prohibited, so I got some nice photos instead.

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