Saturday, June 11, 2011

Warmwater Quick Trip

I had the chance to take a break and fish some warm water species for a change today. It was nice to throw flies with the hopes of seeing a few different new species for the year. A storm blew through, just missing the lake, thankfully sparing me from the lightning. I didn't want to be standing in the water waving around a nine foot rod.

Fish seemed to be in very shallow on the flats of the lake and I got most of my strikes in 1-3 feet of water. The hot head leech was the fly of choice and it took yellow perch a plenty along with a largemouth bass and one pumpkinseed. Most of the perch were tiny and striking but too small to even hook. A few though were worth catching and made up for all the phantom strikes. A great two hour getaway fishing for some species that are not readily available in my area due to the altitude. It has definitely been a few years since I was able to find any largemouth bass to chase. I need to get out and target them more often.

First largemouth in a very long time

Beautiful Pumpkinseed

After the storm passed, blue skies and afternoon moon

Yellow perch
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