Sunday, June 12, 2011

Massive Callibaetis Hatch

Hit the lake this morning with the float tube to search for big rainbows. I was into a fish in the first five minutes on the midges.

Thinking I could be in for a good day must have swamped my luck afterward as I only managed another two hits over the next two hours. The wind finally came up a bit too much to stand the whitecaps in the tube and I headed in and called it a day. While I was out in it, the Callibaetis started coming off and lasted for about an hour. It was the first hatch of them I had seen this year. The trout weren't rising at all but had to be gulping them down subsurface. The birds had a field day. Seagulls, nighthawks, red winged blackbirds, were swarming over the water on the north side of the lake sucking down wind blown mayflies like no tomorrow. Gulls were taking them right off the surface with delicate beak plucks. It was really enjoyable to watch and then as the hatch died off, the birds disappeared as fast as they had materialized.
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