Friday, June 24, 2011

South Park On The Boat

I got to meet up with Scott for his birthday and the target was South Park. Our main quarry would be rainbow trout (I was secretly hoping for a pike too... even a dinky one..alas none showed themselves).
After an early morning meetup in Colorado Springs we were on our way to the land of rainbows. The boat made it a pleasurable day of fishing. It really does make a nice platform for casting, sighting fish, a cold microbrew, and flexible roaming in search of fish. We didn't have to move much however, as from the start of the day Scott was whacking 'em. The fish were decent too with a lot in the 18-21 inch range. Some dinks as well, and we got to Jimmy Houston a few of those too SON. For part of the day the rod holder had the hot hand... just put the rod in there and you were sure to get a take upon looking away.

The weather was gorgeous sun.... a light breeze here and there, but most importantly just about a perfect chop for indicator rigs the entire time. Flies were what you would think, PTs, callies, midges, and stillwater nymphs. All indicator fishing the entire day as there was no reason to change.

Scott mixed in a few wily browns as well, which was fun to see. One was a decent slab of germanity.

Add in a dash of the local south park lake characters including one swarthy elderly boat check lady, and it was a complete day of relaxing trout fishing on the fly with all the necessary miscellaneous elements to make it a trip to remember. I wish I had got the camera out a bit more but we were having too much fun most of the time pounding on the bows or cracking wise about something or other.

Thanks again Scott for the boat hospitality and happy birthday man.

Lake with the mountains keeping an eye on us

Scott into an early morning trout

Rainbows kept finding Scott's flies

Casting to a likely drop off

A better bow towards the end of the day
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