Sunday, June 5, 2011

Drift Boat On The Lake

After overnighting in the vehicle for quick camp efficiency, I got up and had a small breakfast and coffee with ZackDog and Dave and headed for the lake. Starting off in the float tube, I managed to hook up with a nice rainbow that leaped into sky, filled with Arizona fire haze. He came unbuttoned but it was nice to see him rocketing for the heavens. The low viewing angle in the float tube always makes a leaping trout that much better. ZD and Dave soon joined me in their pontoons with the morning bite a bit slow except for ZD. He is so dialed in he just continues to catch them when the rest of us were bobbing around and daydreaming. Adam pulled up with the drift boat sometime in the 9 o'clock hour. I kicked in and joined him and the midges were suffocating in thick in clouds on shore.

We launched the boat without incident. He has serious backing skills with that trailer. From the boat, we found a few fish throughout the day but it wasn't as red hot as the evening before. We both were glad to have the suntan lotion on as the direct sun persisted most of the day and avoiding the sunburn with a few cold beers was a big win in itself. I had a fairly decent cuttbow on the day and Adam managed to get into his first fish of the year. We found some smaller rainbows later in the day but eventually the sun wore us down and we decided to pack it in and head back across the border for home.

Adam took an action shot of my loud yellow shirt


Adam's first fish of the year
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