Saturday, June 4, 2011

Browns At Dusk

After a day of stocking brook trout in the high country with our local TU chapter and Wyoming Game & Fish, I decided to pack up the vehicle and head south of the border to meet up with Zackdog and see if we could dial in some Colorado trout that he has been onto pretty heavily in North Park. I arrived a little after 7:30pm and as I was setting up the float tube ZD was off shore in his pontoon hooking up with fish.

I kicked out to join him and sure enough, on the first cast, I was into a nice brown to start the evening.

We both continued to hook them along with his friend Dave, who also got in on the action.

Fishing right into the darkness, we called it quits around 9:30 and headed back to camp to have a couple beers and get some sleep for the next morning where hopefully the trout would be cooperative.

My best fish of the evening
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