Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Night Trout And Astronomy

I took a quick evening trip to fish ahead of the sunset and have an opportunity to view the Mercury/Venus/Moon event in the early evening hours. The fly fishing was red hot in the hour before dusk. A cold wind out of the southeast had the fish once again stacked on the dam and eating in the choppy water. I changed over to heavier clothing as the temperature dropped and awaited the appearance of the planets. At first, I thought the cloud cover over the mountains might obscure my viewing but suddenly at just the right level of twilight the crescent moon and Venus appeared in the clear part of the sky. Using 12x binoculars, Mercury eventually blinked into view as well and I watched for a while and tried to shoot some HD video of the event. I think I managed some good shots encompassing the two planets and that tiny sliver of moon hanging above the mountains to the west. Once I process the film I will get any good shots added to the blog.
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