Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Pontoon Trip

I spent most of Sunday morning and the mid day puttering around the house, having a big brunch, and paying attention to early season baseball. Realizing it was getting late in the day I went out to have dinner and pontoon on the stillwater from the day before. Eric was there when I arrived and he had found it to be fishing well in the morning. I stayed until dark, enjoying my first spring trip in the pontoon and having a nice roasted chicken sandwich for dinner with an accompanying microbrew. Unfortunately, the fish were uncooperative and I couldn't draw so much as a strike. As I did the day before, I spent most of my time watching the loon that was temporarily hanging around the lake. As dusk fell, the loon began its haunting, beautiful calls. A bald eagle was also active throughout the day and on the way out I saw an owl beginning the evening hunt while perched atop an old wooden telephone pole. A great night for birding, but nothing to speak of for fish.

Eric out in the pontoon

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