Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beating The Storm... Impossible

I went out intent on getting in some good water time this evening and ended up fishing the majority of the time in a constant downpour. The bit of lightning generated by the thunderstorm was out over the mountains but I paid close attention while waving the fly rod around as I was by far the highest point on the dam of the lake. The fish were very cooperative this evening and were feeding voraciously on midges just off the dam. I was able to connect with quite a few fish making the soaking rain tolerable. Before I left for the evening, the setting sun undercut the storm and produced several nice rainbows. A gorgeous ending to another beautiful, spring Wyoming day.

The storm after the major downpour had passed

Rainbow trout that fought well

The darkness of the storm made my camera kick in the autoflash

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wow! Great photos! Sam

Although fishing in the downpour is not fun sometimes... but I have to agree I enjoy seeing all kinds of weathers : )