Saturday, April 10, 2010

Exploring The River Valley

Adam and I were able to finally make it out on our river trip originally slated for April 1st. A snow storm had destroyed the original plans but today was the kind of weather that beckons one to the waters edge. Our initial plan had been to float in the drift boat, but that quickly dissolved due to a flat tire on the trailer and the murky remains of Irish whiskey on Adam's brain from the night before. It quickly became a wading trip and we started in the canyon only to find the low land runoff to be causing poor visibility with the influx of mud. We saw a couple fish skitter from the ice shelf edges but no takers on a variety of offerings.

A quick rally to some back up water was in order and we took off to try another river valley knowing that it would be more crowded but the conditions might be better. Crystal clear water and a few willing trout made the drive time worth the effort and we enjoyed the slow fishing day. Adam speculated we saw more types of birds today than on any other trip we have ever taken and I think I have to agree. The river bottoms were alive with the activity of spring.

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