Saturday, October 3, 2009

River Currents

Dad and Stu wanted to head to the river to get a feel for it and see the valley beauty in the fall. We hit an access where it is fairly level walking and pitched buggers to the trout. Later in the day we hit a nice lake on the way home and scored a few nice trout. A very nice way to spend the day - full of wildlife, fall colors, crisp air and the sounds of the river.

Good start to the day on the river

Dad on the trail

Dad taking a break

River view

Stu wading across

Swallow nests

Stu working the water

Beautiful cloud formation with raptor

River view

Dad with a wild brown trout

Overlooking the river

Hook up on the BHPT


Rainbow on the line

Nice rainbow to end the day

1 comment:

CincyAngler said...

In the photo "Stu wading across" you caught the ducks flying over head........great pica and a great time in beautiful country........