Friday, October 23, 2009

Long Day After Browns

Shoe, Zackdog, and I met up to try for some fall browns on a beautiful Friday morning full of promise and hopefully trout.

Zackdog started the day on a beautiful brown that seemed to indicate we might find hot fishing.

We got into a few but not quite the action we thought might occur given the good fishing Zackdog had found a day earlier. I was finding a few smaller males on a PT and the other guys seemed to have the best luck with egg patterns.

Shoe also pulled a rainbow on a stripped leech.

In the afternoon, we stopped and chatted with Brandon and his group before Shoe and I headed for another nearby lake to try to salvage the evening.

We were immediately into fish here with the browns striking hard on brown and purple colored buggers and leeches. A successful ending to an otherwise slower day.

Shoe landing one at the end of the day

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