Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deep Lining With Mark

I took a trip to meet up with Mark for some sinking line tactics aimed at big trout. Frank C. was up there too and it was nice to finally meet him and Mark's friend Patrick as well. I didn't get any big ones but a couple decent trout were found and I managed to break off something rather large that I never got a chance to see. Mark and I had a nice time working from the toon and float tube. He did well later on callibaetis patterns under the indicator as we moved around trying to find fish. We did have a nice double of a rainbow for me and a nice snake river cutthroat for Mark. A great day to be out with good company.

Mark with a nice rainbow running

Results of the battle

Frank gets into a nice trout

Brown on the streamer

Fall colors on the hills

Mark with his favorite sucker

Another of many rainbows

The double

A final fight

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