Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some Hot Fall Rainbows

Saturday was a nice albeit wind shortened trip with Shoe, Willi, Fuzzback, and Eric. We got into some hot rainbow trout working us over on callibaetis, midges, leeches and pheasant tails. The worst part was having a strong west wind come up and run us off with whitecaps about midday. At least we got a little water time in and it was great to chat with everyone back at the parking lot and have a nice lunch before we all went our separate ways. I heard later from Eric he was able to get into some ducks on the first day of the season as well. I kept my last trout of the day for dinner with a marinade of lemon and peppercorn. It was an outstanding end to a beautiful fall day.

Shoe on the water

Rainbow early in the day

Eric stalking trout

Eric hooked into a nice trout

Another rainbow before the winds

Shoe with a rainbow

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It looks a nice weather with pontoon boat! friends and beers : )