Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Colors

The mountains called today and I had to head up and check things out. The fishing was nice with brookies coloring up for the fall and the trees changing colors as well. The aspens are beautiful coating the hills with hues of golden yellow. I took a four wheel drive trail for a little while to what I would assume is an old ruined lodge or one very large cabin. After stopping and exploring for a while and collecting some ancient garbage to clean up a little bit around the area, I headed to an outcropping I wanted a closer look at and climbed it. I took my rock hammer along and although the outcropping age was right for invertebrate fossils, it did not contain any of the layers I was hoping for. I did however stumble a little too close to a predator hangout. Parts of a rabbit were hanging in a tree from what I can only assume was a bobcat or mountain lion frequented tree limb. I decided to head back down the steep slope when I noticed the prey remains. On the way back into town a stop at the Overland Trail seemed like a worthwhile break. You can still see the faint trail in the prairie grass.

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Anonymous said...

Slight tinges of yellow and a dappling of red in the mountains this morning around here. Autumn is closing in--my favorite time!

Definitely looking like cougar country there--rabbits in trees? I'm outta there!

-scott c