Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Trifecta

After cleaning the brook trout on Saturday we discovered they were full of olive chironomids. It was determined this morning that we should head back and do some indicator fishing to see how well the midge patterns would perform. It was nice to strip buggers on Saturday but the change of pace sounded good Sunday and we were testing our new information. Eric, Floyd, and I all met up at the lake and proceeded to take some nice fish on the midge imitations. I managed the three species trifecta on my first three fish with a brown, brook, and rainbow trout all in succession. That was pretty amusing and I kept looking for the elusive cutthroats that people claim are in there, but couldn't find one. The fishing was better than Saturday and as the midges waned after another heavy storm, I went top water for a couple rainbows and then finally to a hot head leech working tight to the banks for a nice brown on the stripped leech. I took the three weight today, and it really paid off in enjoyable fish fighting. It is definitely the right fit for these higher elevation trout.

The trifecta

Eric after the storm

Floyd out in the new Fishcat

Leech loving brown

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