Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leaky Wader Disaster

Headed out to a nearby lake that has some nice rainbow trout in it. I thought I would take out my recently patched breathables for a test run. It turned out to be a big mistake. The overconfidence I had in my patch job was soon abandoned as I spent the afternoon fighting to ignore the dreaded Cold Wet Crotch Syndrome (CWCS). I probably could have put it out of my mind if the fishing had been decent but it was painfully slow today. I had a few takes and one hookup and that was it. If I could have toughed it out until dusk I think things would have improved, but it was too cold and wet with these leaky breathables to stick around. I'll try some evenings out there after work soon.

Tubing down a weed line


Chris said...

that sucks. i discovered saturday that both legs of my waders have leaks as well. my wading pants and socks were soaked after 6 hours in the water.

Brandon said...

umm...if only your crotch was wet, it probably was a leak in the pipes, not a leak in the waders! You should get that checked!

TANGLER said...

I've been fighting leaking waders too... and losing. It's horrible, I feel for you.