Sunday, May 24, 2009

High Country Starting To Open

I took an exploratory trip with the three weight into the mountains to find out if any high country trout were accessible and willing to take flies. There was a huge storm cell about two miles outside town but I could see better looking light and calmer skies behind the cell and up in the mountains. The six feet or so of snowpack was solid enough to walk across with just boots so I made my way to the lake. Things were pretty locked up but I managed to cast to a few slow moving lake bound fish working a small 20 to 30 foot opening. They were taking tiny midges up top every so often but I couldn't coax them into taking any of my offerings. I decided to give the creek headwaters a shot as well since it was close and easy hiking over the thick snow. It was filled with tiny brook trout in the 2-4 inch range moving around in gigantic schools but they were not large enough to take my flies. I moved down in elevation to explore and scout the river and also try a little lake that is very shallow but was low enough to be open at a little over 9000 feet. The river was absolutely hauling with runoff. It was fun to watch but not worth trying to fish. I searched for some accessible slow seams or pockets but they just were not available. I didn't see any fish activity at the lake but I tried it for a little while in the rain before leaving. Hiking the circuit around the little lake, I cleaned up a few cans and some trash from the previous season and decided to head back into town. On the way to the valley a bright set of rainbows became visible so I took a quick shot of one from the jeep. It was a satisfying early trip up into the mountains. It won't be too much longer until the backcountry opens up and the high country season is here.

Just a small opening but fish were working it already. The cloud ceiling was low hiding the mountain tops.

Creek headwaters

Hanging lake is entirely open

River in full runoff

Rainbow over the town of Centennial


CincyAngler said...

The clear and concise description of your day, as well as the conditions you observed, when coupled with your photos, allowed me to accompany you in checking the melt out.

great blog........


very beautiful photos! Love the runoff! It should be a good year!