Saturday, May 9, 2009

Midge Fest

Friday night I talked to Mark about the conditions down where he was set up in his camper. He said things were still not turned on yet. This was disappointing but I decided to go with a contingency plan at a back up lake. Stillwater midging for the day produced a ton of fish. The lake was full of trout and they all seemed to know what was on the menu. Eric and I met up and had a great time tempting the brown and cutthroat trout with our standard midge patterns. Eric started off in his pontoon but when it started sinking he decided his patch work wasn't holding on his troubled air bladder and fished the day from shore. I was surprised how busy it was at the lake. There were many people out throwing and trolling buggers, but I didn't see a lot of them having any success with that approach. I float tubed the entire day and got a nice leg work out. The wind never got terrible though and kept a nice chop making midging easy. Best fish of the day was a 19 inch brown. There were many beauties but I didn't do much camera work as it is tough in the float tube.

A nice brown with some pretty colors

Conditions for midging were perfect
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