Saturday, March 21, 2009

Toothy Rainbow

Sixty plus degree day of sun and low wind speeds... seems like a day begging for some stillwater pontooning. The action was on midges with this tooth filled rainbow trout topping the day as "best fish". I could have sworn the fish was trying to bite me while I was releasing it. Action slowed later in the day but I stayed plenty long enough and have the sunburn to prove it. Seems like I get taught the same lesson about high country sun about this time every year.


Brandon said...

Man, we have to get together and hang out - I need to learn to stillwater fish, and you seem to be a pro!

Nice fish - the weather has certainly been nice - ice off will come earlier this year than most. But I think we are supposed to get some nasty weather tomorrow. Figures, I'm headed to a freestone on Tuesday!!


Very cool looking fish! Seems the Spring has arrived the west! Keep the photo come in, I love them! : )

wyoflyfish said...

Brandon, we will get out some time this season. Plenty of stillwater open and we are just starting to see it heat up.

Blueangler, the weather has been great but now tomorrow we have a blizzard warning. I am glad I haven't put away the snowblower quite yet.