Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ice Out Round Two

With the frigid temperatures this week we had another complete freeze on most of the area lakes. On Saturday the plains lakes were in the midst of icing out for the second time this March. I had ventured out intending to launch the pontoon but found too much edge ice that was too thick to break through and not safe enough to try to slide the toon across. I decided to fish the small amount of water that was open on the opposite side from the boat ramp. After a couple hours and only a break off and two takes to show for it, I called it quits for the day and just sat enjoying a beer and some conversation with Lynn, another fly fisher that had just arrived. I hope the fish turned on for him in the afternoon. I ended the day tying some more midges and hoping that Sunday would erode enough ice to float.

Big clear skies with no wind... too bad there was so much ice

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