Sunday, March 1, 2009

Open Water Is Here

I managed some time on Sunday to drive around scouting stillwater and the river to see what was happening. We have a couple lakes open and others in the stages of icing out so I pitched a few flies anywhere I found open water. No results on the fish side of things but the open water is promising for some pontoon trips in the very near future. Ice fishing season is definitely over and I saw no one crazy enough to venture out on any of the plains lakes I scouted. The river is still locked up pretty well in the upper stretches so that is going to be a little while longer before we see anything on the canyon and such. Down lower we are opened up pretty well and I spent a few minutes fishing the runs outside of town. Wind was a little much for the three weight but I managed. Should have taken the 5 or 6 weight out to compensate but it worked out well enough.

Plains lakes are opening

River is open down on the lower stretches

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E Dub said...

It will be soon. All of this wind and warmth is eating away at the ice. I just hope we keep getting lots of snow in the high country to keep our lakes and streams full over the summer.